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Talent International Institute (TII) is a preeminent education provider, offering learners a suite of programmes and activities with the end goal to provide both the skills and experiences that they can utilise to excel and reach either their professional or personal ambitions.

The TII holiday & professional development programmes are outcome-focused.

Offering a learner, opportunities to

  • Advance their life skill base

  • Broaden their Interests

  • Cultivate their self-confidence

  • Develop a wider network of cohorts

Centrally located in the iconic Christchurch landmark building at 282 Durham Street Christchurch City for the ease and convenience of facility users  

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Image by Ian Schneider

“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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Get in touch today to find out more about our holiday and after school programmes, venue, resources and more.

Durham Street North


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If you are a person who is pursuing either full-time classes or evening studies to enhance both your personal and professional development.
Or a parent who is seeking an after school or holiday programme that engages their child. 
Talent International Institute (TII) provides a wide variety of either educational or activity-based learning options that meet your needs that are outcome-based. 
Please take a look at our available programmes below.

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IELTS Preparation

  • Specialised homework help for students

  • Moderated study groups

  • Intensive learning

  • Academic and co-curricular achievement

  • Small classes (Max 10 learners)

  • Flexible Class Options



If you are looking for a school holiday programme that will excite, engage and entertain your child. Our educational activity-based programme is ideal.

Teen study group


Intake date: Every Monday
Suitable for learners of different levels.
Our ESOL programme gives the learner the ability to have a more excellent command of the English language whilst strengthening their personal growth and confidence when English is their second language.



Study Support Centre (SSC) are educational programmes that provide additional educational support for students in Years 3-8 who may be at risk of educational underachievement. The Ministry of Education provides funding for schools or community groups to run Study Support Centres outside of regular school times.
The programmes are designed to assist senior primary students to develop or improve good study habits, leading to increased achievement as they progress through further education.

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