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Under 18 International Student Designated Caregiver Agreement

Talent International Institute expects the Designated Caregiver to:

  1. Be a bona fide adult relative or close friend of the student’s parents

  2. Provide a cosy and caring environment for the student to maintain the student

    physically and psychologically healthy

  3. Provide 2 or 3 healthy meals a day (Depends on the student’s requirement)

  4. Attend teacher conferences/interviews when held

  5. Provide a clean and comfortable room for the student

  6. Ensure that the school has up-to-date information of parent’s addresses and student’s

    address and contact details at all times

  7. Set reasonable house rules and boundaries and discuss these expectations with the


  8. Contact the school immediately if there are any concerns regarding the welfare,

    health and safety of the student-especially in the case of a serious injury/accident

  9. To inform the school in advance if the caregiver is going to be absent so that alternative arrangements can be made

10. Inform the school of any people 18 years or over who come to stay at your house for any more than five (5) or more consecutive nights at any month.

The Designated Caregiver can expect Talent International Institute to:

  1. Provide a safe learning environment for the student

  2. Ensure the student’s physical and emotional well-being is taken care of during school


  3. Provide additional learning support for students experiencing academic difficulties (if

    additional costs are involved, the parents may be asked to pay for it)

  4. Provide contact through Principal or Office Manager of the school

  5. Provide school information sent to the student’s parents

  6. Provide school reports

  7. Provide support and quick response for solving problems

  8. Contact the Designated Caregiver immediately if the student suffers any form of

    serious accident and request appropriate emergency medical services

Terms and Declaration:

Should there be a concern about the welfare of the student, Talent International Institute will discuss the concern with the Designated Caregiver and parent (s) of the student. Talent International Institute may place the student in an approved Talent International Institute homestay.

Under 18 International Student Designated Caregiver Agreement: About
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