TII Afterschool Programme

In support for the local communities in Christchurch, TII launched a pilot programme which is designed to meet the learning needs of young learners and their parents. The Afterschool Programme is one of TII’s non-academic courses that offers further study support and deeper focus on specific skills that students will incorporate in their weekly learning journey.

The programme currently being delivered is of 6-weeks duration from 4th November till 9th December 2020. Twenty-one impressive students enrolled under guidance and supervision from TII staff, qualified teachers and student’s parents who provided support and a warm blanket to the learning atmosphere of the programme. The Afterschool programme is for families who would like to award their children with tailored learning experience within the safe environment and using the cutting-edge facilities of TII’s campus at Huadu New Zealand Education Centre (HNZEC).

Students join their classes every Wednesday from 4:00pm, thrilled to keep their school bags and lunch boxes in their lockers of choice in a room of more than 50 lockers and a dressing/changing area. At 4:30pm the students start the classes where the programme covered learnings on focus areas in English language, leadership, social and soft skills and machine programming using Scratch Jr. and Apple Swift languages. The common areas at levels 2 and 3 provide Montessori solution of “learning with fun” and spacious cafeteria where students can dine and have lunch with their parents. After the break at 5:45pm, the second sessions of English, programming and leadership classes resume till 7pm.

TII campus also offers multi-faith worship areas for all students and a prayer room for students of the Muslim community. The Afterschool programme is contributing to the social reconciliation that Christchurch families need.

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