LEGO and Robots just landed at TII

School Holiday Programmes at TII HNZEC campus continue to thrive this new year. Students are having a very good excuse. We added the most exciting ingredient - Yes, you guessed it right - it is LEGO, programming and brick building activities. LEGO is one of the leading 3D gaming and puzzle building systems and most of us grew up having fun with it as it is available for almost three generations by now, since it was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Billund, Denmark [1]. It can't be expressed in words how much excitement it creates for all youngsters, kids, even older fans who can't help but gather around and immediately start collaborating on how to build the best model out there as fast as possible. The endless combinations of the bricks are the main thing which makes rebuilding the same kit a new adventure every single time. LEGO has got more than 18,000 fans all over the world based in 40 countries. LEGO established their education system which is based on science, pedagogy, and psychological research on how to make children happier when they build and interact with their models. It also allows them to understand how real-life systems work, build a new skill, be creative and LEGO triggers future inspirations for them

to be astronauts, leaders, scientists, engineers, artists, designers, or simply master LEGO builders.

Don't be surprised that even today's world leaders, grew up or had their children growing up with LEGO kits. In my opinion, I consider LEGO one of the most successful brands of all time. Now they reach out to even building full houses and micro-cities, and full scale 1:1 racing cars. They have successful affiliations with world-class brands including IKEA, Disney, NASA, and the list goes on and on. LEGO is a whole world on its own.

Our School Holiday Programme is proudly inviting all students to come to join us in this fun and challenging experience. Robotics or Robo science is also going to be part of it, where school holidayers can explore how robots work. These machines are making their statement in the 21st century and they are part of our global growth. Robots are in manufacturing plants, in our vehicles, in our appliances, and heavy-duty machines. The Robo building and programming activity shows the participants how to solve problems by figuring out the solution while they build. Once the robot is completed, next step comes is to design the programming software using Scratch and Python languages, so they can control their movements and learn the foundations of physics, mechatronics, mathematics, arts, and much more. Children feel happy because they have accomplished a successful mission, which is alive talking, walking and interacting robot, a mini machine very good at following their programme integrated by their own hands. As a serious LEGO fan, I have my VIP membership which can be joined for free anywhere in the world. I enjoyed building almost 3700 piece kit, one of the toughest kits designed by LEGO master designers in Denmark and Germany.

Consider giving your child a rewarding gift this year - If you have not done so already last holiday season - so they can get engaged, learn and have fun making new friends at our holiday programmes. as teachers, parents and educators, our mission in 2021 is to enjoy it and make the most of it and teach with passion. This is how our quality delivery is transferring generations. Families deserve it. Our communities deserve it.

Join us and welcome aboard!

[1] More info about LEGO here

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